Review: Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson

Combining aspects of psychology, philosophy, quantum physics, and sheer enlightened entertainment, Robert Anton Wilson presents Prometheus Rising.  Wilson looks at the psychological structure and operation of the human mind.  Also analyzed are the impact of herd mentality, human evolution, and the consequences of quantum physics upon the perceived reality.  The work provides a series of instructions by which the reader may awaken themselves to self-liberation and advance their being towards a state of control over their reality tunnels.  More than just a generic self-help or pop-psychology text, Prometheus Rising is invaluable reading for any student of self-advancement, and alchemical theurgy, although everyone will enjoy and benefit from reading this work.

Prometheus Rising is Wilson’s presentation of a theoretical model for the mechanisms of the universe as revealed  through an in-depth analysis of the human mind.  By definition of the software model for the human mind framed in an evolution of Timothy Leary’s prior model, Wilson provides a guide for the reader to seize control of their own mind and subsequently, their subjective universe.

As Wilson outlines the difference between the brain and mind in terms of hardware and software, his analysis of the eight circuits of the mind provides an invaluable guide to the basics of human psychology.   Where employment of the first four circuits explains the behavior of the majority, the latter four circuits are of upmost interest for those engaged in the pursuit of apotheosis.  It is these final four circuits where hypnosis, yogic body control, the Jungian collective unconscious, and the implications of quantum mechanics provide the tools by which the alchemist may attain control over their perception and experience of the world.   Wilson identifies those with active fifth to eighth level mind circuits as elevated above the average plebian within society.  These links to the Nietzschean overman are explicitly stated and in Prometheus Rising, Wilson has written a call to elevated the pursuit of apotheosis and levels of consciousness for those able to interpret it.

Wilson also presents an interesting series of examples to support the theory that idea precedes manifestation, noting however that ideas may take an extended period of time, supported by belief, in order to then be realised.  Prometheus Rising sees Wilson present the notion that many scientific and technological advancements are subject to a sixty-year period between the initial idea and the later realisation of its ideal form.  Discussion as to delays between initial ideas and their large-scale realization occurs in terms of the evolution of the collective level of intelligence.

Prometheus Rising proceeds to debate the truth of reality.  In analysis of the interaction of the brain and the information perceived through the sensory organs, Wilson again raises the question as to how we can truly know what reality is.  When combined with the later overview of the consequences of quantum physics, Wilson offers an outline for how the conscious mind is the creator of its apparent reality and is thus an essential primer for the magician.  For those less interested in the pursuit of apotheosis, Prometheus Rising retains a value as a profound social commentary and map of the psyche, even to the extend that Wilson outlines the means by which society, government, and media seek to effect changes in the mental state of targeted citizens – yes, the methods of propaganda and direct brainwashing.  Wilson’s work then presents a basic guide to such techniques and enables the individual to free themselves from the influence of others and achieve true freedom.

Overall, Prometheus Rising is a joy to read and leads to some profound realisations, and psychological development, within all who read — regardless of what aspect of the work interests them.  Brilliantly laid out, devoid of overbearing language, and accompanied by some amusing diagrams, Prometheus Rising is one text that everyone should take the time to read.  Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson is published by New Falcon Publications and is widely available as a mid-price paperback.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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5 thoughts on “Review: Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson

    1. Thank you Rasa – that information may be useful to some. Generally, with such a splendid work, the publisher is of little concern unless there is a version specific variance between publishers. We specifically reviewed the New Falcon edition however and referenced such in accordance with standard referencing criteria as that is the version we have here in the podcast library. The link we provide is also to the New Falcon version which remains available from Amazon.

      1. New Falcon is no longer legally allowed to sell Robert Anton Wilson books. The book you are promoting is either being illegally sold or is being sold by a reseller with limited stock. The Hilaritas Press version of Prometheus Rising has many corrections, improved graphics, a new Afterword, and since it is published by the Robert Anton Wilson Trust’s own publishing house, for the first time since the book was published, the Wilson family is properly benefiting from the royalties, something the author openly wished to have corrected. With such a splendid work, sometimes the publisher is a major concern.

  1. BTW, I apologize if I sound overly insistent. Support for what Bob wanted is near and dear to my heart. I especially didn’t want to leave a sour note underneath such a thoughtful well-written review! I think Bob wrote this book with magicians and alchemists in mind, specifically in some sense, but generally I think he wanted to ignite the hidden alchemist in us all.

    1. Never a problem, Rasa. Your comment is informative and will be useful to readers. I do intend to review other key works by RAW. Whilst I will review my beloved copies, I shall note if such are published by the Hilaritas Press.

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